Adictus UAB transport services

Adictus UAB provides freight transportation services by road, sea, air and railway with the ‘door-to-door’ delivery. We provide dangerous freight transportation and freight forwarding services as well. Experienced managers advise on freight transportation issues and help to choose the optimum type of transportation.

If necessary - we can offer multimodal freight transportation solutions. We prepare and consult on the preparation of freight accompanying documents and selection of Incoterms conditions. Professional managers carefully monitor movement of each customer's freight and ensure smooth freight transportation.

Freight transportation

Freight transportation by road is one of the strongest and biggest activities of Adictus UAB. The company offers international carriage services of full, partial and selective goods across Europe, Baltic countries and CIS.

Freight transportation by air transport

The company provides the most popular mode of air transport, when the transportation time is extremely limited, and valuable cargoes are carried, or destination place is difficult to reach by other modes of transport.

Freight transportation by railway

Wagon is irrelevant to unfavourable weather conditions and it moves forward 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, carrying goods by rail, you can save up to 30 percent of transportation costs.

Freight transportation by sea

Freight transportation by sea is available in several ways: full (FCL) and partial (LCL) freight. Freight transportation by sea is usually acceptable in price-quality ratio, and in some cases (oversized/heavy loads) is the only way to transport goods.

Customs brokerage department

Customs procedures are constantly changing, so their handling requires experience and knowledge which can be offered by customs brokers of Adictus UAB.

Storage and loading services

Adictus UAB can offer for each customer not only freight transportation but also services of storage, distribution and sorting for all types of cargo.

Local distribution

Local distribution is the distribution of goods, partial and full freight, and local distribution in Lithuania. Often, local transportation is an integral part of freight transportation by land transport.

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