Customs brokerage department

Customs procedures are constantly changing, so their handling requires experience and knowledge which can be offered by customs brokers of Adictus UAB. Qualified employees will provide all the required information and professional assistance in handling a variety of customs documents, as a result, you will be able to avoid additional problems and complicated issues which you would have faced. Often, it happens that the task of transportation, reloading, or storage of freight is much easier than a job, which representatives of customs brokers have to face with. Do not waste your valuable time and refer all questions to our expert team of customs brokers.

Customs brokers provide the following services:

  • Representation in customs;
  • Filling of import, export, general and transit declarations;
  • Filling of cargo documents (TIR Carnet, ATA Carnet, CMR, etc.);
  • Provision of Letters of Guarantee for import taxes;
  • Freight clearance in Russia;
  • Consultations.