Freight transportation by railway

Adictus UAB offers one of the most optimal freight transportation options, especially when transported over long distances. We often hear the opinion that freight transportation by rail is slow. However, freight transportation by rail is quicker than the carrying by ship, but is slower than carrying by air, thus it is an interim mean of transportation. Unlike the tow truck, the wagon does not get lost in remote areas, does not pierce tires, or stuck in traffic jams, it does not need to wait in long queues at the state borders. Wagon is irrelevant to unfavourable weather conditions and it moves forward 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, carrying goods by rail, you can save up to 30 percent of transportation costs.

We offer the following services of freight transportation by railway:

  • Freight transportation to/from the railway freight station;
  • Full, partial cargo transportation;
  • Cargo storage and preparation for further transportation;
  • Cargo reloading to/from different vehicles;
  • Freight documentation;
  • Representation of clients in customs, railway stations;
  • Consulting on issues of freight transportation by railway;
  • Multimodal transportation.