International freight transportation by road

Freight transportation by road is one of the strongest and biggest activities of Adictus UAB. The company offers international carriage services of full, partial and selective goods across Europe, Baltic countries and CIS. Management of transit freights from the EU, the Baltic states, CIS and third countries takes place from terminal of Adictus UAB in Vilnius.

By forwarding partial cargoes, we collect them from direct suppliers and deliver to warehouses of foreign partner or into consolidation warehouse of more than 3,000 square meters, owned by Adictus UAB in Vilnius. According to the customer's needs, we can repackage or package the goods, seal labels, i.e., attach the required product label, reload, or select the goods, which are stored in our consolidation warehouse. The services offered will help you to monitor and choose the optimal freight movement on necessary terms and quantities.

If transportation of your freight by road transport is not purposeful, we will offer the optimal mode of transportation to fit your needs!